1/12/18 Kingdom Allthing

Here are the minutes from last week’s Allthing:

3:27- Allthing opened
No new business
No old business
Evermore Hollow will have a dollar tourney and a dragonmaster on February 16th
Raven’s Cross will have their midreign on January 26
3:28- February 10th will be Kingdom Qualls in Irongate, there will also be a Kingdom Allthing
January 19th will be the Queen’s visit to Nine Willows
3:29- January 27th is the last day to post intent to run for kingdom office
February 3rd is the last day to pay dues to run for kingdom office
February 16th will be the cross game event held in Lubbock
3:30- February 23rd will be Kingdom Endreign

Daimyō Vyse Blackwood,
Prime Minister of the Kingdom of the Golden Plains