12/8/22 BoD Meeting Minutes

December 8th, Meeting.
Meeting starts at 7:41 pm.

Tabled business from 11-10-22 meeting:
Status on Moonlit Meadows issue, will discuss with Uther, since he is not present
Official closing of votes on bylaws from FB, passing with 7 votes for, 0 nos, and 1 abstain by abstention, and will proceed to Kingdom Allthing.
Concern about what would data we would house on servers with Gequinn was raised. Discussion of writing up a possible contract. Has been tabled until Gequinn is present. (spawned from discussion of PII of officers, business contacts, if we eventually performed background checks to be on bod) table

We need everyone to look over the previous minutes (will post again) and either approve them or raise any concerns of confedentiality, so the minutes and all BoD public documents can be uploaded on the KotGP forums.

Aleonna has reached out to RC to see if they’re electing a new rep, as well as Moonlit Meadows. Moonlit has opted to not elect one, at the moment, and Raven’s Cross has chosen a new rep. Nevon is getting him the NDA.

We need to be prepared for audit prep starting next month.

Officer elections will be next month. We need to be looking at either others who would be willing to fill the positions or ourselves.

Meeting closed at 7:46 pm.