2/9/23 BoD Meeting Minutes

February 9th, 2023 Meeting

Meeting starts 7:42 pm

Old business tabled:
Estimate bod funds to go to althing
Audits - Due Feb 15th
Treasurer new account
Moonlit meadows follow up

BoD funds need to go to Kingdom Althing so Gequinn can stop paying out of pocket for Kingdom costs. We need a minimum of $380 (new dedicated server for Kingdom and BoD costs ~$25/month =$300/year and $80/year for dedicated site address). If we want SSL certificates (some browsers won’t permit access without one and it’s needed for online payments), it could cost more. To ensure tax and everything is covered, we recommend $400 to go to althing for now. Can discuss SSL certificates later.

We have the issue of our NDA having been recommended by a member’s lawyer to not sign. We were to discuss the need for an NDA needing to be drafted by a paralegal or lawyer or if we needed one, but we are missing some who were discussing it, so it will be tabled until next meeting. It has been recommended if those who know any paralegals or lawyers can reach out and get an estimate for next meeting in the event we decide to do so, we have an estimated cost.

Moonlit Meadows decided to not file police report and they will pony up the dues.

Audits are due the 15th. If you’re park didn’t pass, make sure you get with your co-auditor top see who will reach out to let the park know what they’re missing.
Dark Oasis did not enter anythign again, thus failing again. ORK shows no attendance since July 2021, despite them suposedly having met since in the last 6 months according to their facebook group. A poll will be put on both the FB and discord with our recommendation on how to proceed with DO’s status to go to the Circle of Monarchs.

Everybody must voice any problems on January minutes by 11th of Feb.

Next meeting March 9th, 2023 at 7:30pm.

Meeting closed at 8:24 pm