4/14/19 Allthing

3:00- Allthing opened
Old business is the vote to give parks the option to hold their coffers in PayPal accounts
Uther explains that PayPal gives the same reports that a bank account does, and that PayPal accounts are perfectly safe
3:01- The Allthing is asked to discuss the issue, but no one had anything they wished to discuss, so the in person vote was held
3:03- Vote closed
No new business
Irongate Midreign will be held on April 28th at Tech Terrace, and feast will be held on Tech Campus.
3:04- Evermore Hollow will host their Midreign on June 7-9, and it will be a camping event
Nine Willows will host their Endreign on April 20th
3:05- Raven’s Cross will host their Endreign on April 27th
Skywatch will host their Endreign on May 19th
Allthing Closed