6/15/23 BoD Meeting Minutes

June 15th, 2023 Meeting

Meeting opened at 7:35 pm

We were talking about possibly changing the NDA requirement to only being required for disciplinary. We were also having us look into the estimated cost to have a NDA drafted up by a lawyer. Tabled to July for more people to be present.

NPO status:
Our Formation of a Corporation has been filed and registered for a state. I’m currently trying to get the EIN, but the application is being a turd. Getting an appointment with the local IRS office to try and figure out what I’m doing wrong. But that should be fairly instantaneous. Then it’s just applying with the IRS for the 501(c)(7) status, which we’ll be waiting on approval of the $625.85 for that. Then it’s just filinf for tax exempt status with the state.

No other business brough up

Closed at 7:41 pm