7/14/22 BoD Meeting Minutes

meeting starts 8 pm
nathan ask why we dont have access to audit? unknown as to why
vote to extend audit is discussed but nathan brings up concern that we will not have enough time to grade if we give them two weeks without our having ample enough time for ourselves.
nathan brings up bringing a second vote to gurantee us a two week time to grade. brought up idea to amend vote to give them a final date of the 10th. John speaks logistics of changing vote. bring up writing up a proposal for bylaws that gives emergency protocol changes to board officers. will make a new poll to make sure we give ourselves ample time to grade.
conflict of interest policy to be looked at and voted on next meeting. Brought up bylaws and the work on them, mariah brings up that work will officially start working on it monday.
decision for whether 501c3 or 501c7 for application do homework and vote on next meeting.
member in good standing discussion john states that most non profits define member in good standing as someone who does not have a conflict of interest or a damaging criminal record. also brought up background checks. discussion ensues. john brings up free background checks. bring up secretary handles them and board officers review them.
park contracts to be discussed/ voted on at next meeting
we will be announcing to parks the extension pending log in information being provided.
next meeting august 11th @ 7:30pm on discord.
meeting closes at 8:30pm

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