8/10/23 Minutes

August 10th, 2023 Meeting

Meeting opened at 7:35 pm

NPO UPDATE: We received our EIN from the IRS on 7/26/23, so we officially have 2 of 4 steps complete. Sorry for the length of time it took to complete it, but there was apparently another organization with a similar name, so we couldn’t file online. Aleonna had to set up a meeting with the local IRS office to determine why were unable to file online, then do the paper form and mail in the documents showing our organization is a different entity, and then wait for them to snail mail us the result.

The next step is the biggest as it’s the official large application for recognition status from the IRS, however it is only able to file online. Aleonna is currently about 20% done with it, so it should be to them before the end of month. Then it’s just a quick application to the State for them to also recognize us as a tax-exempt organization.

AUDITS: We’re just about done. Aleonna is finishing up tonight the last two parks needing to be done, then results should be posted. All failing parks will then have 60 days to rectify the issues that resulted in fails. This will be Dark Oasis’s third audit with nothing put forth. Discussed to that this will be dealt with in next reign since the 60 day period will put it in that time frame.

It was brought up that we should start getting into the habit of a Treasurer’s report at the beginning of each meeting. General consensus like this idea.

Next meeting will be September 14th, at 7:30pm.

Closed at 7:45 pm.