8/11/22 BoD Meeting Minutes

board meeting opens at 7:47 p.m.

7:47 talking about the status of either 501 c3 of 501 c7 or stay npo, uther recended just staying an npo.
nevan suggests we go to a c7 since income comes from membership

7:48 nathan discuses a c3 is a charitible orginization and everything we do has to be for that purpose.

7:50 discusion open to what we choose to base ourselves.

7:54 voting opens for yes or no for c7 or c3
vote was 0 votes for c3, 6 votes for c7, and 0 abstain

7:56 discusion of voting and non voting on the board and conflicts of interest was brought up by red beard

8:09 while waiting on voting discusion about the audit process and talk to the pms of there park and
getting all the info they can get in.

8:10 uther posted in minutes verbage for the conflicts of interest

  1. If a person holds both a voting and non-voting position on the board, the non-voting position takes
    precedence and quorum is adjusted accordingly

  2. If a member of the board is an issuing party to a suspension or ban, they automatically recuse
    themselves from voting on suspensions or bans in which they are issuing members and quorum is
    adjusted accordingly

  3. If serving as Board President, a member of the board may not concurrently serve as Kingdom Monarch,
    Kingdom Prime Minister, or Kingdom Guildmaster of Reeves.

8:33 voting for the verbage was passed for parts 2 and 3 above with 6 votes each

8:36 discusion of a member of good standing was started by nathan

discusion of background checks and screening what is prohibited

8:52 tabled for further discusion and john was asked to get more info on background checks

8:57 conflict of interest policy vote
6 yes 0 no 0 abstain

9:03 discusing steps to get the 501c7 set up and get the name from doughboy

9:06 discusion about the nda and to remind people not to discuss bans.

9:07 nathan closes the board

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