9/22/22 BoD Meeting Minutes

Meeting starts at 7:39 pm.

Topic of 4.08(a) super majority has been brought up. Super majority has been defined as 2/3rds, or 66%. Was placed into bylaws.

Topic of the “Member of good standing…” was brought up. It will be written as “member of good standing” in 4.04/4.06, and we will place a glossary at the end where it is defined. The “must pass a background check with no felonies” will be put into qualifications.

Topic of 4.07’s to be added for meetings was brought up. Discussion of 2 weeks notice for all regular meetings.
4.07(a) will be updated with updated terms and two weeks to include phone, instant messaging, etc. and remove “or facsimile transmission or forty-eight (48) hours notice delivered personally or by telephone”. Will classify appeals as “special meetings” under 4.07(b), hence giving them a minimum of 2 days notice.

Discussed “The Circle of Monarchs encourages the protection of victims, whistleblowers, and officers engaging in good faith execution of their duties, and condemns retaliation against them all. Retaliation has a chilling effect on reporting; it creates a hostile environment for these people, and for others considering coming forward or acting in good faith; and it hurts the very people Amtgard’s Code of Conduct is designed to protect. Therefore, the Circle of Monarchs establishes that retaliation is a violation of the Code of Conduct’s prohibition against creating a hostile environment” section previously posted 6-23-22 to adapt this to our kingdom and adopting AI’s BoD whistleblower and civil rights policies. The aforementioned is AI’s BOD whistleblower policy, and we decided to go with our non-discrimination policy.

Topic of 11.03’s possessing the TalDagore website and will place the KoTGP’s forum site.

Discussion of “1. If a person holds both a voting and non-voting position on the board, the non-voting position takes precedence and quorum is adjusted accordingly
2. If a member of the board is an issuing party to a suspension or ban, they automatically recuse themselves from voting on suspensions or bans in which they are issuing members and quorum is adjusted accordingly
3. If serving as Board President, a member of the board may not concurrently serve as Kingdom Monarch, Kingdom Prime Minister, or Kingdom Guildmaster of Reeves.” Section 1 will be removed due to conflicts with previous decision, and 2 will go under 4.08 under new section (e). Section 3 was already entered.

All of Article 6’s sections need to be reformatted.

Article 6 and down will be renumbered to match missing article 5.

Pointed out realistically needs to be all reformatted to one unified format.

Article 3, written as 3.01 All non-voting affiliates will be filled by the kingdom monarch, kingdom prime minister, and kingdom guild master of reeves positions.
Write 3.02 as 3.02 Directors. Directors are the individuals who are selected by the park in which they are representing, and have the right to vote.

All of the differentiations betrween Board and Board of Directors needs to be fixed. Pitched idea of first statement of “the Board of Directors, henceforth referred to as the Board”, and replace all other references with “the Board”.

Under CERTIFICATE OF ADOPTION OF BYLAWS will replace “DAY OF WEEK, MONTH AND DAY OF MONTH, 20XX” with blanks designating what each blank was (day, month, year).

Discussed deadlines, getting EIN can be done anytime, but since we aren’t going for a 501c3, we do not have to get everything done by the 1st of the new year, as we cannot get grants. Will vote to approve on next meeting October 13th.

Discussed the name we would use being possible being no longer “Amtgard Kingdom of the Golden Plains”, but rather such as “Kingdom of Golden Plains” or “Golden Plains Recreational Group”, etc. Settled on changing it. We will create poll on Facebook Page to add options through October 11th and vote on top 3 at meeting on October 13th and will change tha name in the document at meeting.

Moving on to audit discussion. EH and MM are still out of compliance, but EH has started. They have 5 days from today. Discussed need to possibly bring to CoM meeting.

Quorum being “at least ⅔ of total members” being “at least ⅔ of total voting members”

Discussed secretary issue and need for a replacement since secretary hasn’t been active in BoD recently and how to go about it. Bylaws aren’t actually in place. Will postpone for reaching out.

Administrators to be selected for the discord at next meeting.

Next meeting will be October 13th, 2022 where we will vote on bylaws, corporation name, and try to resolve need for secretary.

Meeting closed at 8:59 pm.