9/8/22 BoD Meeting Minutes

7:42 - meeting starts

7:43 - Red Beard states that Nine Willows is working on it. San Angelo - Moonlit Meadows is trying to get all their stuff together. Evermore Hollows is trying to finish up. Dark Oasis is working on it.

7:45 - Nevon mentions that Dark Oasis is working to get a board rep and to start fresh.

7:47 - Stephanie states that Arid Sun is getting things put together.

7:48 - Nathan reminds everyone that the audit process doesn’t automatically kick parks that fail everything. They just get brought up for removal.

7:49 - Mariah says that with Dark Oasis coming back we can just not count their funds with our Kingdom when we go to get our 501c7. Dusty should be sending her some information for this.

7:51 - Mariah mentions that Dusty suggests we move to have only a kingdom bank account rather than having individual field accounts.

7:53 - Should be easy to change in the future.

7:56 - Uther confirmed that other fields are still working on the audit.

7:57 - Further conversations held about Dark Oasis coming back. Kuzan will likely be the new board rep.

7:59 - Ahnaka mentions that she will be stepping down as board rep for Raven’s Cross. Neon is interested in running.

8:00 - Nathan brings up member in good standing and that we are trying to figure out the background checks specifically how we would keep the records secure.

8:01 - Mariah suggests using the records site to hold on to sensitive data such as the background checks.

8:02 - Mariah suggests having Uther get with Gequinn to see how we could do that.

8:03 - Stephanie asks how we can keep the background checks from being discriminatory.

8:04 - Mariah suggests just no felonies.

8:08 - VOTE: limit background checks to no felonies
Yes: 4 No: 0 Abstain: 1

8:12 - Nathan mentions that after we decide on the background checks, we just need to vote on the bylaws as a whole and send it to allthing.

8:16 - We need to have a google docs created with the bylaws with all baord members having access to it so we can add the minutes to it before the 22nd so that we can vote on the bylawls before October 8th.

8:18 - October 8th we will put the bylaws on the Kingdom Allthing docket to be voted on in the November Allthing.

8:19 - Stephanie will help Nathan get a google docs and get everything going.

8:20 - Uther asks where we are at on park contracts. Mariah mentioned we just need to get them through the lawyer.

8:20 - Kamal and Nathan signed the AIBoD funding agreement.

8:22 - Nathan is not planning to run for president next year. Mariah suggests posting on the kingdom page that we need someone to run.

8:23 - meeting end