About the Chapters category - How to make a Post

This houses all of our currently active and petitioning fields. Post announcements, althing minutes, tournament results, and anything else pertaining to a field or Kingdom in here.

For a quick rundown on the general use of the forums, visit the Discourse New New User Guide. Additionally, visit the FAQ/Guidelines topic if you need a reminder on how to conduct yourself on a public forum.

In an effort to make the forums as user and search friendly as possible, please take a look at the following guidelines for posting:


The Chapters category contains subcategories for each field, or “chapter” - Kingdom is counted as a chapter for categorization and layout purposes.

When making a post, be sure to place it in the right subcategory as well as to appropriately title your post and tag it accordingly. See below for more information on correctly titling your post and how tagging works.

Post Titles

For althing minutes, quals, tournament results for Weaponmaster, Dragonmaster, etc. and other important events use the following format for your post title:

[Chapter] [Event] for [Date]

So for example, if you are posting althing minutes for your field you would title your post something like this:

Burning Skies Althing Minutes for 06/01/2037

Or maybe you’re posting about a Weaponmaster tournament:

Dark Oasis Weaponmaster Results for 03/27/2086

You may use the full written date instead of the MM/DD/YYYY format if you’d like.

Regardless of what you’re posting about, please keep the title informative and to the point. There is no need for any extra information in the title besides what is shown in the examples. Any additional information should simply be included inside of the body of the post.

Tagging Posts

To facilitate easy searching and sorting of important posts, please use the tagging system.
Below is a breakdown of the tags used in the Chapters category of the forums:

  • althing - Used for tagging althing minute posts.
  • announcement - Used for the announcement of events and other important happenings.
  • dragonmaster - Used for Dragonmaster results.
  • quals - Used for quals results - pair this tag with one or both of the child tags:
    • artsandsciences - Paired with the quals tag to announce the A&S portion quals results.
    • warskill - Paired with the quals tag to announce the warskill portion of quals results.
      • Note: You will need to tag a post with the quals tag before you will be allowed to use either of the child tags. If you’re posting both A&S and Warskill results at in the same post, please use all three tags - quals, artsandsciences, and warskill. This separation of tags exists for those fields who have different people in charge of posting the portion of quals they oversaw.
  • weaponmaster