All thing 11/27/2022

All thing starts at 7:26

Old Business

Paypal: table for another all thing, (Ryuujin will be having discussion over if this will interfere with Non profit) seconded

New business

On the docket to be voted on in December

Jennerick wants to push forward for securing funds for site and feast

Site is 45$/hour with a 150$ refundable cleaning fee.

with half of the total site cost down.

There will be a trophy for dragon master will provide a blessing

BOD rep

Current rep is Safire, and she has offered to continue. Duke suggests we should retain her.

Vote will be sent out.

V9 testing?

Do we want to do V9 testing? Poll will go out just for irongate members . Non dues paid members can be polled

Champion wants to do one V9 game per week to give it a try


Sat Dec 3- Moonlit Meadows Midreign

Sat Dec 10- Nine Willows’ Big Quest Event

Sat Dec 17- Evermore Hollow & Raven’s Cross Joint Coronation

Sun Dec 18- Arid Sun Midreign & Dragonmaster

Sat Jan 7-Nine Willows’ Dragonmaster/Midriegn

Sun Jan 15- Skywatch Crown Tournament

Sat Jan 21-Kingdom Best of the Best A&S Competition

Sun Jan 29- Skywatch’s Coronation

Sat Feb 4-Nine Willows’ Big Quest Event

Sat Feb 11-Kingdom Crown Tournament

Sat Feb 25-Kingdom Coronation

All thing ends at 7:46