All thing 7/31/2022

Time starts 7:31
Old business
We were approached to do a boffer pit and we want to do it but the problems are man power: require 15 people per day due to working in shifts, getting the ability to make the required material, and the 3rd problem is kingdom event and see if king would allow a discounted rate so we could use that as a recruiting agreement was that if they had their signed stuff they would be able to get to the 30 year for free without signature it a 50% off with the understanding that 50% of profits go to kingdom. So to get 15 people out to the con is going to be hard.

Wants a vote and poll
As long as we reach the required people to go and the vote passes we can go forward.

How many weapons? 30.

We could do a spicing method, in theory we could have the foam but the pool noodle won’t last.

The rest we can make happen. It is volunteers. We have a couple who could and a few potentials

If we reach the 15 people per day we go and if not we don’t.

New business
No new business
Vote for pro temp reagent next weekend

End time 8:04