All Thing 7-7-2019

307: All thing Opened
3:07 Lokon Discussed Kid Ban; Any child under 9 must have monarchy approval and parent on field. Child under 14 must have monarchy permission
3:08 Sir Boots ask if there can be exceptions. Discussion ensues and determination is made for certain players that are currently between the ages of 9 and 14.
3:10 Lokon is responsible if kids get hurt as current monarch
3:11 Rules of play regarding children are stated
3:13 Zander is the only Reeve
3:14 Dead line for intent to run for PM is established and posted on Facebook.
3:15 Clan is in two weeks
Ravens Cross midreign is in July TBD
598 in bank account
200 in petty cash
Request for man servers for midreign
Waivers requested from new active players
3:23 All Thing Closed

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