All thing minutes 5/22/2022

All thing opens 7:05
Old businesses none
New business
The sultan has informed each park that each park should contribute to coronation, weather it is
hydration or med tent. Duke wants us to help.
Definitely will take shifts
Security was suggested.
Would that be patrol or part of gate?
Would be separate.
Hydration tent more than one park has brought that up.
Would irongate be okay being security detail?
Population was polled and results as followed
8 for 1 against
Safire volunteered as crat for security detail.
Wraps up that next topic
Safire brings up dark oaisis is closing doors temporarily, they have requested that their funds get
funds hold.
Polled then voted
Fumbles asked why not use kingdom?
Cause of comfortableness.
Question was brought up if they don’t open back up what happens
It just gets held on.
Poll to hold in trust until the vote on next allthing
9 for none against
Wraps up this business
Discussion: anything added to discord?
Likes the introductions seems to be running fine, no negativity.
Get general days and park things on the discord get a landing page to direct new people.
Wrap up discussion on discord.
Open up for discussion
New player for retention
New player marshal to go across the rules and topics
Irongate has already voted in we just need to find someone who creates the money and it will
have to a vote. We need to decide upon someone to hold the account. Needs to be a permanent
Take thirty days and table and find a suitable placement for a person. Is a temporary position.
If and when we open are coffers going to be in there
Coffers can be put in if we want to but isn’t suggested until later date.
Paypal doesn’t need a bank account info.
Duke and pm and can have access to and password needs to be changed at each changing of
Safire motion for tabling
Meliodas was seconded
Purpose to have it always 5$ dollars hot dogs.
July 2nd will be mid reigned and dragon master
Pending announcements, build parties will be loner weapons
Eileaf is looking at making a wash paint class
If any interest the first Friday art trial will be the 3rd and go and hand out flyers
Park numbers have been raised to 12 people avg
Next allthing vote for pm and gmr
Skywatch crown tourney July 10th
Coronation camping at fort phantom hill lake Johnson park
July 23-24
Burning land coronation 28th in El paso
June 4th Moonlit meadows tunic/tabbard making class in Moonlit Meadows, and 9 Willows
June 12th Moonlit meadows midreign
June 19th Arid Sun Midreign
June 14-26 EH Coronation
5$ hot dogs no change
Quest board is available every week. All related to crafting battle games and other stuff.
Motion to close the allthing
Allthing closes at 8:22