All thing minutes 6/18/2022

All things opens at 7:42
Old businesses
dark oaisis is closing doors temporarily, they have requested that their funds get funds hold.
Kingdom rep speaks from kingdom pov and as long as separate and tracked and put in irongate
Audit, two ledgers one irongate and one dark oaisis and create dummy sheet on why this is
For 6 against 0 abstained 0
Motioned to table and seconded
New business
Motioned to close new business and seconded
Irongate midreign will the 2nd of July
Dragon master a minimum of 3 and a max of 5
Kingdom coronation August 26th
-28th at Coleman park in brownfield will be camping
Skywatch is July 23rd and 24th and is a camping event.
Motion to close all thing
All thing closes at 7:51