All things 10/9/2022

New Business:

Duke: Ryuujin volunteers as monarch. No one contends him

Regent: Jenerick Volunteers as reagent. No one contends her.

Champion: Fumbles Volunteers as Champion. No one contends him.

Dates from duke for next reign:

Dates will hopefully be in by coronation.

Irongate will be having a showcase!!

If you have any recommendations please message Fumbles, Ryuujin or use the Irongate award recommendation form.


Next Irongate Allthing October 30th at 7pm

5 dollar hot dogs no change!!

Oct 15 - Irongate’s Bowmageddon

Oct 15 - Nine Willows’ Crown Tournament

Oct 22 - Irongate Coronation

Oct 23 - Skywatch Midreign and Dragonmaster

Oct 23 - Arid Sun Weaponmaster

Oct 29 - Nine Willows’ Endreign

Nov 5 - Kingdom Midreign

Nov 19 - Moonlit Meadows’ Weaponmaster

Dec 3 - Moonlit Meadows’ Midreign

Dec 18 - Arid Sun Midreign and Dragonmaster

Jan 21 - Kingdom Best of the Best A&S competition

Jan 29 - Skywatch Coronation

Feb 11 - Kingdom Crown Tournament

Feb 25 - Kingdom Coronation

Mar 5 - Arid Sun Crown Tournament

Mar 19 - Arid Sun Coronation

All thing ends at 7:25