Allthing 11/10/2018

4:07 Allthing called by Baron Sev
Time to hold a Pro Tem Prime Minister vote as Bobby/Ryuu has been absent and unable to be reached.
Two volunteers lined up.

Dove and Luna declared as Candidates for Pro Tem vote. Why do candidates think they are qualified?

Dove: Knows what she is getting into with Ork and audit process, plans for monarchy later.

Luna: Has been in the game for 6 months, is interested in Monarchy and the learning experience.

Are both candidates out every week? - Yes from both

Indy says we need to hurry to have an accurate list of who is dues paid for the Allthing upcoming at Kingdom.

Audit process coming soon
When- July to Dec
Due Jan 15th

4:12 Stated that pictures of attendance are needed for audit process, Reasons for why missing sign ins and paperwork.

Sev requests for calmer language around children (profanity was used)


For : 2
Against : 0
Abstain : 3

For : 3
Against : 0
Abstain : 3

Dove is declared Pro Tem PM as of the vote.
Luna appointed “Scribe” to shadow Dove till Midreign when elections will be held.

4:17 Allthing Closed