Allthing 12/16/18

3:18- Allthing opened
3:19- Only old business is to move the ban appeals process to the BoD instead of being done via Allthing. This would make the process more private rather than public
3:20- It was asked how we can know the BoD will be unbiased.
It was stated that the BoD consists of elected members from each park, which helps ensure no bias, and any BoD member may recuse themself if they feel they can’t be unbiased.
3:22- Concerns with transparency from the BoD were brought up
3:23- It was stated that certain legal issues that can pop up with certain bans that privacy is necessary
3:24- It was stated that if there are no legal issues, bans should be made public
Someone suggested using the old and proposed methods together as a 2 step process
3:25- It is stated that with just keeping names out of statements, anonymity could be kept while keeping the ban public
3:27- Written statements could be used to keep anonymity in a public process
3:28- A person banned for using illegal weapons was used as an example to show why bans need to be public, and it was asserted that the populous should have full voice in such a situation
3:29- The ban process was explained in detail due to perceived confusion of the issue at hand. The monarch in conjunction with the PM and/or GMR can issue bans, and all bans are submitted to the BoD to check for legal issues.
3:33- It is stated that the Amtgard International lawyer has stated that the only way ban appeals should not be handled is the via Allthing, the way GP currently handles them.
3:34- It is mentioned that all bans are public, and that under this proposal, only ban appeals would not be public
3:36- Concerns that the BoD has too much power are brought up. It is suggested that this proposal is intended to help the BoD consolidate more power
It is stated that more language regarding recusal of a possibly biased BoD member may be necessary
3:37- It is stated that due to lack of privacy in ban appeals, all of Amtgard has access to all details of our appeals, leading to several issues.
3:39- Foxy relays the following message from Uther:

Discipline Process Change: Move Appeals to the Board of Directors

Purpose: The intended effect of this change is to allow disciplinary appeals to be handled in a professional manner while protecting the victims from retaliatory attacks which may occur in a public venue.

Summary: The Golden Plains Board of Directors (GPBoD) is the mundane arm of the Kingdom. They are tasked with handling mundane affairs for Golden Plains. As such, the GPBoD is a much better team to handle the disciplinary appeal process for the Kingdom.

Execution: From this point forward, suspensions or bans which last longer than 30 days will no longer be appealed to the Kingdom althing. Instead, the appeal will now be directed at the GPBoD to review and analyze.

Process for the BoD: When a person wishes to appeal, they must do so in writing and by their own hand within 30 days of the initial ban or suspension. As a person is removed from Official Kingdom social media channels when a suspension or ban is placed, a person may instead contact any member of the GPBoD to state that they wish to appeal. From there the GPBoD will have 30 days from the day an appeal is asked for to render a final verdict.

The GPBoD will have access to transcripts of any and all official statements and communications made by individuals which led to the suspension or ban. The names of the individuals in question will be redacted by whichever Disciplinary team (Monarch, PM, GMR) enacted the suspension or ban to protect the victims from any retaliatory statements or actions that may occur in a public venue.

The GPBoD will have the authority to overturn any suspension or ban by a 67% or 2/3rds majority vote of the GPBoD vote.

The President of the GPBoD will be responsible for posting the final result to the Kingdoms Official Communication channels.

The Monarch, PM, and GMR retain the ability to remove a suspension or ban per the Amtgard Rules of Play.

3:41- Vote is called
3:47- Vote closes
No new business
Allthing closed