Allthing 12.8.2018


4:13 Allthing Called

Sev states “If you talk, you will be beaten”. Much laughter ensues.

Next Saturday is Midreign

Indy asks where – Sev is working on it

Indy states If anyone has a venue that will support approx 50 people that is affordable or free, please reach out asap so that we can have a location for our feast.

Bobby is unavailable still, Vyse will try to get ahold of him for use of the Advo building.

4:15 If you would like to volunteer to help with feast/set up please contact a member of Monarchy and they will point you in the right direction.

Award recommendations, Please keep them private. Message Monarch or Regent for award Recs, Sev is only one available on Facebook.

Award recommendations due no later than Thursday (12.13.2018)

It’s the 3 year Triumvirate anniversary, Ravens Cross, Evermore Hollow, and Dark Oasis are in the rotation currently. Let’s celebrate our success.

El Pollo’s phone rings, Sev raises bow to annihilate Pollo, Announces “First one was a freebie”

Sev turns floor to Dove

Need things for audit process; Award lists, pictures of awards, dues paid lists, waivers, tournament results.

Dove asked Vyse what potentially happens if a Fail is received.

2 Fails in a row cause park to be brought up to Allthing for vote on whether Demotion is needed or not.

Upon Demotion, it could potentially cause us to lose status within KotGP and have to re-petition GP or another kingdom for park status again.

Dove states she still needs all of Sept 2018 sign ins

Vyse states he has September sign ins.

4:19 If any sign ins are missing, list a reason why for audit, even if it’s just “my toe hurt and lost the page” or “previous PM disappeared”

Waivers, Dove states she will check with RC and all active players ORK profiles to hunt down waivers.

4:20 Calamity needs to sign new waiver.

Feast Fee/Event page to be fleshed out no later than Thursday (12.13.18)

Any other business?
There’s a guy shooting at the park, Take his bow.

Bovine threat level confirmed to be at Defcon 0

4:22 Allthing Closed.