Allthing Minutes (1/2023)

Althing Minutes 1/14/23

Althing open at 3:25pm

Old business:
There is a possibility of relocating to Connor Park. This will be voted on during the next all thing on 2/11/23. Park location may change pending voting results on 2/18/23.
Park start time was voted on to change it from 2pm to 12pm.
5 for
1 no
2 abstain
Park start time is now 12pm

New business:
Vyse Blackwood was elected as BOD president which means that he cannot vote unless it is to break a tie, his new position starts next month.
New representative will be needed starting next month. If you are interested please place intent by 2/11/23.

Procurement of funds for feast will need to be completed. Cole Center deposit will be covered by Waylin Bluemoon. The budget for feast will be $250 and any left over will be returned to the coffers with receipts.
Weapons Master is 1/28/23. Please feel free to come test your skills and have fun with us.
Ivar has mentioned obtaining a cheap phone with messaging and calling. It will change possession with each new monarch. The objective is to put that phone’s number on flyers, the page, and business cards and anyone that contacts that phone number can get info about Amtgard.
QR codes were also mentioned by Ivar to send any new players or anyone curious about Amtgard to a google doc, jpg, or pdf with information on park locations, rules, and links to park facebook pages.
New posters and business cards need to be designed and left at the Vault, Adventurer’s Guild (unfortunately this will have to wait until they move to a new location), Recycled, and other places that will allow us to post flyers.
Rowan and Ivar have decided to come back to the game in a non-combative capacity and have a color table set up with snacks and games. Any donations will be appreciated and any left over funds at the end of the month will go to the coffers.
Next weekend (1/21/23) there is a Kingdom A&S event and Rainai’s knighting. Kingdom endreign is 2/25/23 and also Emerald’s knighting.
3/25/23 is EH midreign and Dragon Master. Please feel free to come and show off what projects you’ve been working on and have a fun day with us!
RC midreign is 3/19/23, roast and veggies will be made for feast by Luna Darkheart. Feel free to come and enjoy some great food, great company, and fun battlegames.

Althing closed at 4:04pm