Allthing minutes from 12/10/22

Allthing minutes from 12/10/22

Allthing open at 2:35

Nothing new with old business.

Endreign is 12/17 at Memorial Park.

Cultural Showcase will not be judged, it’s an opportunity to show the community what projects people have been working on.

Table trophy will be given to the best decorated table.

The silent auction table will be completely separated from the showcase and is exclusively a Raven’s Cross event.

Gate fee is $15 and the event starts at noon!

Please see the event page for any other details.

New business

Waylin moved to change park operation to change start time from 2 pm to 1pm for the winter reign for months, November-March. Voting will take place at January Allthing.


Halfstar cedes his bid for monarch but still wants to run for champion.

Morgan Whitewave cedes his bid for champion but still wants to run for monarch.

Monarch: Morgan Whitewave 4 for, 0 no, 1abstain

Regent: Revna Reignlief 4 for, 0 no, 1 abstain

Champion: Halfstar 4 for, 0 no, 1 abstain

Due to Halfstar taking over the role of Champion, protem GMR will be voted on until next GMR election.

Waylin Bluemoon and Sir Kamal placed intent for protem GMR.

Sir Kamal: 2 for, 2 no, 1abstain

Waylin Bluemoon l: 4 for, 0 no, 1 abstain

Waylin Bluemoon is new protem GMR and will start at Endreign.

New monarchy is as follows:

Monarch: Morgan Whitewave

Regent: Revna Reignlief

Champion: Halfstar

Protem GMR: Waylin Bluemoon

Motion to close the Allthing motioned by Morgan Whitewave, seconded by Revna Reignlief.

Allthing closed at 2:52