Allthing notes 07-12-2022

Allthing mins 7-24-22
Called 4:03 pm by Mutt.

  1. Mutt calls for Sev and Laufi to be added as admin to FB page and officers chat group and to remove lokon and skit with thanks for their service.
  2. Guild masters as follows: Caleom- Pally, AP, healer. Sev- Barbar. Neon- assassin, Wizard. Laufi- Warrior, Monk. Svenfear- druid, Monster Bard
    Sev motion to close, Mutt seconds.

Allthing min 08-04-22

Sev calls to start at 4:25

Event will be 9-24 and 25 Joint with EH. Feast will be Brisket, Chicken and Vegetarian option. If we have a budget RC will pay for it if not Clan Radmore will sponsor. Feast fee of 5.00.

Sat 9-24 will be Dragon master. Judges will be Mutt, Euric. One or 2 more to be picked or volunteer.

Spork brings up food fight and offers to be RC rep. Reminds everyone to bring non perishable food or money.

Neon reminds everyone to pay dues so you can have voting rights.

Motion to close by sev. Second by mutt. at 4:35

Allthing mins 08-21-22

Mutt called for althing 2:51

  1. No date set for end reign in Dec, but A&S Dragon master will be at end reign.

  2. Mutt brings up renting Gazebo at the park as one option, or hold at park location. Neon will check to see if it is available for rent.

3.Mutt asks if we want to run tourneys that weekend too. Group will discuss and decide later.

Mutt calls to end at 2:57 neon seconds.

Allthing 09-11-22

Mutt calls to begin at 4:30

Old Business:

Endreign. No venue yet. Neon will check to see if gazebo is free. Dragon master 9-24. Weaponmaster 9-25.

Group talks about joint awards or individual ones from the parks. Decides individual ones are best choice.

New business.

Skit will be stepping down as BOD rep. Dakkon volunteers. Neon volunteers. Vote called. Dakkon 3. neon 2. 0 no votes. 0 abstains. Dakkon is the new BOD rep.

PM and GM reeves election. Neon announces intent to run as pm. On others volunteer. 5 yes votes. 0 no. 0 abstain. Neon is Pm

Caleom volunteers to be GMR again. No other volunteers. 5 yes votes. 0 no votes. 0 abstain. Caleom is GMR.

Mutt calls for award recommendations.

Mutt calls to close seconded by laufi. At 4:42

Allthing 10-16-22
Sev calls to begin at 3:15
EH has rented the gazebo for dec endreign on sat the 17th. event fee 20.00
Reminder the second life event is nov 4 at AC. There is an event page with all info. This will be a 4 credit event.
Caleom brings possibility of having work day to make loaner weapons for new members and has room to make and store them. The group likes the idea and will begin to gather supplies.
Neon votes to close. Seconded by Caleom.

Allthing min 11-6-22

Mutt calls to begin at 4:05

No old business.

New business: Endregin will be sat dec 17. At the AC gazebo. Event fee is 20.00 Dec 18 will be games and quest.

Dakkon must step down as BOD rep. Caleom has volunteered to be temp ( or permanent ) BOD rep until we can find someone else.

Anyone running for office should put in intent. Mutt announces he will run for monarch, Laufi announces he will run for regent. Gara announces he will run for champion.

Neon asks for award recommendations to be turned in asap.

Mutt calls to end. Seconded by neon.

Allthing min Dec 18 2022

Laufi calls to begin at 4:00

No old business.

New business.

The new officers of RC are:

Mutt, Monarch. Laufi, Regent, Gara, Champion.

Laufi is working on a schedule for event dates and will post by end of week.

Laufi calls to close at 4:05 seconded by neon.