Allthing Notes 10/14/2017

3:04- Allthing opened
Midreign site and games are set
3:05- Old business of a new Knights’ Corpora is brought up. Hern requests an extension on the vote for the corpora. With a vote of 14 yes and 0 no, the extension passes
3:06- Monkey’s request to vote on Ryuujin’s belt is put on the docket, and his exact intentions are to be posted on the GP page before the end of the day.
3:07- The next Allthing will be held in Lubbock
3:08- Zander says that if Monkey does not post his exact intentions by the end of the day, his proposal will have to be brought up at the next Allthing, as to comply with Corpora law if having a proposal sit for 30 days before being voted on.
3:09- Irongate quals will be on Oct 22, and coronation will be Nov 5. Those who prepay for the event will get a free belt favor, all others will be able to purchase the belt favor.
3:10- Irongate will feature various prizes and games with a Cthulu theme during this reign.
Skywatch will have its coronation in Abilene from Dec 1-3, and the cost will be around $10-$20
3:11- Zander says that he hopes to have a new corpora, A&S handbook, and kidocrat bid to be discussed at the next Allthing
Nightglade visit will be on Oct 22
3:12- Next Allthing will be on Nov 11
Ravens Cross coronation will be on Oct 29 and will feature a pie feast/pie contest
3:13- Allthing closed

Vyse Blackwood,
Prime Minister of the Kingdom of the Golden Plains

Please note that these should be for 10/14/17, not 11/14/17.

At the request of Sir Monkey, as he is at World Banner Wars presently, I will clarify what is being called for. Based upon information discovered during my recent tournament archive project, a vote is being called for removing Sir Ryuujin’s Warlord and Sword Belt based upon his Orders of the Warrior being given improperly, going back to at least his 8th order. As the Warlord was given improperly, and it is the qualification for the Sword belt, both are being brought forth together.

I am including links to both the post from Sir Uther giving the timeline of how Ryuujin’s Warriors were given, and my comparison to the records available.

Uther’s Timeline:

Comparison to tournament results:

My apologies. The date has been corrected

Could someone post whatever is being posted on Facebook about the charges to here? Just for continuity of the record, plus for those of us who Facebook has issues with?