Allthing on 11/12/22

Allthing on 11/12/22.

Allthing opens at 2:51pm

Endreign will be Dec. 17th at Memorial Park. The gazebo has been rented for this event.

The only equipment needed for feast is a roasting pan and we will need a few volunteers. If you’re interested please message a member of monarchy (myself, Waylin, Luna, Halfstar, or Sir Kamal).

A&S Showcase will be at Endreign as well as a silent auction. To prevent items from getting mixed up there will be separate tables that will be marked accordingly and completely separated from each other.

PLEASE RSVP! We will need a headcount so we know how much food to prepare!

Deadline for intent is due Dec. 3rd. Please place intent if you want to run for a position!

Luna Darkheart will be moving to Raven’s Cross, she has offered to give advice and help however she can. We all appreciate her help and how much she has helped this park to grow.

There has been discussion about reducing the number of positions to make Champion and Regent optional. The changes are as follows:

Regent will be taken over by Monarch.

Champion will be taken over by GMR or Monarch when GMR is not available.

Court and Dragonmaster will be in place of Midreign, Coronation is mandatory.

Nothing has passed Kingdom decision yet.

Three people must signing for winter season to count it as a park day.

V9 Playtest

NO park in GP is currently playtesting V9. To remedy this Evermore Hollow has proposed that we playtest it.

A vote was held with 7 yes, 0 no, 1abstain.

Waylin Bluemoon motioned that we playtest V9, Morgan Whitewave seconded.

Evermore Hollow will be playtesting V9.

Vyse Blackwood volunteered to be our BOD rep.

Waylin Bluemoon moved to vote, Halfstar seconded.

The results were 8 yes, 1 no, 0 abstain.

Vyse is our BOD rep.

Dues to Kingdom we’re paid by Sir Kamal, he is requesting $60 be reimbursed.

A vote was held with 6 yes, 1 no, 1 abstain.

Any intent for monarchy needs to be placed by Dec. 3rd! If you have any award recommendations please message a member of monarchy so we can give people the recognition they deserve!

Waylin Bluemoon motioned to close the Allthing, Morgan Whitewave seconded.

Allthing closed at 3:29 pm.