Althing 04.03.2022

3:27pm Althing Open by Prime Minister Sir Neon

Welcome back, credits will be caught up soon.

Lokon is unreachable, and hope to speak with him within the week.

Midreign is within the next week or so.

Remember to pay dues.
$16/6 Months
$24/1 Year
$100/5 Years

Pm intent: Neon is running again.


Zander is hosting a recruitment drive. Bring a person to RC! The most recruits per one person, they will win $100 cash.

SKBC (Sword Knight Boot Camp) is in May (19/20th) about an hour from Tacoma, WA. Zander will be teaching a class.

Arid Sun RAID! Next sunday (april 10th)

Neon- Are we obligated to keep online sign ins?

Kingdom has declared we must provide them, so until kingdom says we dont provide them, we have to keep going.

3:37pm Sev motion to close, Zander Second.
Althing Closed.