Althing 06.05.2021


3:01pm Althing Open

New Business: Incoming Monarchy would like to pre-request funds to reserve venues and feast funding.

Deposit on Cole Community Center will be $150 and the Palo Duro Room will cost $175

The park currently has approx $370 in the bank, and $100 give or take in petty cash.

This will be a $10 event on Sept 11th in Canyon with a bardic competition held at the venue.

Fundraising opportunities will be hosted throughout the summer, until the end of the reign. Major two day fundraising event planned for mid July.

VOTE: Use petty cash to secure venue with (refundable) deposit.

Y: 6
N: 0
AB: 0

Second thing on the docket:

Do we want to move back to Connor park?

There are still trench/sod lines that are risen, and sod is fresh. Small saplings and other new additions are present. Current location at Hunsley does have a parking situation, but amenities (playground, bathroom, etc) are more accessible than Connor park.

VOTE: Do we want to remain at Hunsley Hills park for another reign to let Connor Park settle?

Y: 6
N: 0
AB: 0

Last on the docket: Amtgard endtime change, to avoid ambiguity and give newer people a chance to show up when most of the populace is present.

VOTE: Do we want to formally change our Amtgard Hours to “1:30pm-6pm or otherwise stated by Monarch”?

Y: 6
N: 0
AB: 0

All Votes will be posted on Facebook for 24 hours in Poll format


Incoming Regent Luna will be hosting a Monthly Bardic on the second Saturday of each month, starting in July. Open Mic night, bardic style. Hot dogs and burgers, songs and music. Starts at 7pm, after park day concludes.

Raven’s Cross Endreign June 13th at Memorial Park. Spaghetti Feast and Cultural Showcase.

Please turn in Award Recommendations to current Monarchy.

3:20pm Indanago motion to close althing. Halfstar seconds.
Althing Closed.