Althing (1/6/24)

Althing 1/6/24

Open at 3:18

Old business:

Last althing we voted to have Endreign (Morder of Crows) with Ravens Cross on 6/7-6/9 at Mariposa

New business:

Budget for Midreign: $50 for Midreign, Halfstar and Edris will cover feast.
Midreign will be 3/23
On the docket for MoC: budget is $700 for EH, RC will also contribute $700. Budget will be voted on at the next althing.
As of November we have almost $2500 in our account.


Next weekend is Best of the Best and Nala’s knighting
Kingdom Endreign: 2/24
EH Midreign: 3/23
MoC: 6/7-6/9
Trinkets are up and prices are set, see Sir Kamal for details.
Money is earned with monster kills, gambling on tourneys, and roleplay.

Althing closed at 3:31