Althing 10.19.19 GM Vote

5:28 Althing Open
No Old Business
New Business: Guildmaster Vote

Archer: Indy Nominated Anubis Nominated
Due to no recent sign ins under specified class, no GM chosen for this class at this time.

Assassin Krassus Volunteer, Anubis Nominated Indy Nominated

Barbarian Sev - No Contest

Bard Tez - No Contest

Druid: Indy - No Contest

Healer: Krassus Volunteer Indy Nominated

Monk Vyse - No Contest

Monster Anubis and Vyse Nominated

Paladin: No current GM for this class due to no eligible Knight present.

Scout Indy - No Contest

Warrior Indy - No contest

Wizard Indy and Dove Nominated

Antipalidin Anubis - No Contest

Guildmaster Reeves Krassus - No Contest

5:37 Indy turns the floor over to Dove to speak on a fundraiser/demo idea.

Dove proposes that we host a demo sometime in November to raise awareness for Amtgard through a fundrasier. We could have a chili sale, or bake sale, in accordance with local laws, and provide photo opportunities in garb, and armour, footwork drills, small battlegames, etc. Half of concession proceeds would go to a charity of choice (Toys for Tots, or the food bank) and half to the park coffers.

5:41 Anubis brings up permit needs, food preparation and NPO Status. Will discuss online with park populace to garner interest.

Dove proposes that event could be hosted at RC to help them get the demo credit as well,and have a larger populace to present with.

Krassus mentions a college or high school football game “Tailgate”

“Guerilla” Demo mentioned as a joke.

It is free to show up to the tailgate. -Would be fighting on asphalt-

Recommended best time to do so before it gets too cold, In novemeber before audit due.

5:44 Krassus mentions that his biker friends do a Toys for Tots drive as well. He will check with them to make sure we don’t clash with anything they are doing.

We can hash out a date, there are umpteen charities available to donate to… Just trying to gauge interest. Present park populace on board.

Indy mentions Next Saturday (10.26.19) City of Canyon will be planting 35 trees split betwwen Hunsley Park and Connor Park. Huge PR opportunity for EH. If anyone wants to help, it starts at 10am and show up in garb!

(side conversation about trees, Dressing up as Druid to plant trees, etc)

Tentative date for Joint Midreign with Ravens Cross is January 11th 2020. Both Regents will agree on venue once date is set. Court will not be hosted at park.

5:48 Theme is “Festival of the Guilds” Guild tables preferred, company tables if you must have one. Trophy being given for Best Decorated Guild Table.

EH Endreign- Proposed for last weekend of March, the 28th.

5:49 Kingdom Midreign November 9th. Kingdom Althing Nov 10th.

Week before, November 2nd is RC Endreign. La Cosa Nostra Sweepstakes. Details on FB page on how to enter/win. All Proceeds go towards GP Kingdom AIBOD Taxes total. ($2000 needed).

5:50 Krassus motion to close, Indy Seconded.
Althing Closed.