Althing 10.23.2021

Althing 10.23.2021

3:01 pm Althing open per Sir Nevon

Kingdom is looking to lift covid restrictions for travel.

There is a kingdom vote available, please check your emails.

There are still travel restrictions in place, EH and RC are safe to intermingle because we share hospitals and park populace. Please remember to limit travel as numbers of confirmed cases continue to rise.

BOD is going to reinstate audits at the beginning of the new year. They were paused during covid, but as we are pushing for NPO status, we need to have our ducks in a row.

Audit semester begins in January 2022 and will be due in June 2022.

EH will be having a joint endreign with RC, this will be a two day event.

Games at Evermore Hollow, court at the Depot. Sunday will be at Raven’s Cross with a tournament and A&S stuff. Dec 18th and 19th, prepare for a $10 event. Feast information to be updated, bardic at the event.

3:07pm We are entering the month of the crown, intent due in 2 weeks on nov 6th in writing on the Facebook page.

Luna is running for regent again, we need volunteers for Monarch and Champion.

Cultural Showcase TBA!

Nov13th - Bardic at 6pm at hunsley park

Keep a weather eye on the Barony Facebook page for upcoming events and details. There is an ORK maintenance post by Dove to get everyone’s profiles up to date.

Send in your award recommendations!

3:12 pm Dove motion to close, Luna second.
Althing closed.