Althing 10/7/23

Allthing Minutes 10/7/23

Ivar opens at 3:00

Old Business

Nala updates that the creative flyers are not ready yet, but will be presenting them soon.

Kamal took money allotted from Midreign to go RC to RC monarchy

Vote for having a joint event with RC
Yes- 4 No-0 Abstain- 5
Motion passes

Revna updates on fixing awards in the ORK. They have input all that has been given, the ORK is still deleting things. Reach out to them if something is wrong and you have the awards to prove it.

Last Day to place intent will be November 4th elections to be held November 18th.

New Business

Access to Monarchy for Facebook, The Monarch will gain admin access, as well as one outside member of the park, within 2 weeks of the start of their reign, and all members of Monarchy be granted moderator status as that is the way all of the parks as well as kingdom pages are run, so must we to do the same to ensure the park page runs smoothly.

A new Park BOD Rep is needed before November 12th! If you are interested please let Monarchy know!

Funds for the Endreign feast will be taken care of by donation and by the allotted amount we are allowed to use. No voting is needed.

Adding a second member of the park to the bank account for the park. Kamal is nominated.
Yes-8 No-1 Abstain-1
Motion passes


EH Won Food Fight for Golden Plains!!! We raised over $130!

Cottonwood Faire is October 28th

Kingdom Midreign is November 11th

Evermore Hollow Endreign is December 2nd

Revna motions to close

Seconded by Safire

Closes 3:28