Althing 11.16.19

Allthing 11.16.19

4:23pm Allthing Opened per Baron Indanago

Old Business- None other than the fundraiser mentioned previously was not followed through upon. AIBOD took longer than anticipated to get back to Dove on information regarding fundraising procedures.

New Business

Vote for GPBOD rep

Current position held by Val.

Indy asks if any nominations.

Zaros Nominate Dove
Ivar Second

7 for Val
2 for Dove
1 Abstain

Val remains representative for GPBoD for Evermore Hollow

4:26 Vote to use $100 petty cash on hand to reserve Cole Community center for midreign venue. Deposit is refundable.

9 yes
2 Abstain

Venue will be secured Monday (11.18.19) by Dove


Baron Indanago will not be waiving event fee for any reason, including for food items brought.


Food details such as menu are still up in the air. Indanago will check with Kamal this week to get remaining event details.

Anubis: Has Fundraiser ideas, will confirm information with populace once details are ironed out.

Sev: Show up to Ravens Cross for additional Guild Games each week.

Krassus Motion to close Althing
Dove and Ivar Second

4:31 Althing Closed