Althing 11.20.2021

Althing 11.20.2021

3:54pm Althing Open per Sir Nevon

Crown Tourney (fighting, not qual’s) is in two weeks. Categories TBA. This takes place Dec 4th.

Coronation is Dec 18th and 19th. EH for games and feast, and RC for tourney and A&S. Details to be posted on event page.

$10 feast fee.

3:57pm BOD representative elections. Dove is current EH rep and Secretary. The BOD is undergoing a mass restructuring and is implementing new procedures and practices to ensure compliance prior to applying for Tax ID and NPO status. Bylaws are being rewritten to better serve parks, and park contracts will be rolling out after the new year. If you have a passion for the game, and a penchant for fixing what’s broken, please step up.

You do not have to be dues paid or active for this position. If no one steps up by end of Nov, Dove will remain BOD rep for EH.

Park Behavior!! No incidents have been reported, but Nevon wishes to remind everyone to have fun, bring issues to Reeves if necessary or the Disciplinary Team (Monarch, GMR or PM) Stay awesome!

Luna is running for another term as Regent, and she is currently Qualified per Corpora.

Y: 5
N: 0
AB: 2

Luna will be Regent.

4:03pm We currently do not have anyone running for champion or monarch.

Krassus Volunteers for Monarch.

Y: 5
N: 1
AB: 3

Krassus will be Monarch.

Zaros volunteers as Champion

Y: 6
N: 0

Zaros will be Champion.

#Teamwork will be the theme, with heavy ATLA (Avatar the Last Airbender) tones. Choose your faction wisely! You will be locked into a playable class for that faction for the duration of the reign.

Bardic will be in the winter, possible firepit (Krassus volunteers house)

If anyone wishes to learn Regent duties, please contact Luna to learn under her as a shadow for the next reign.

4:08pm Luna Motion to close. Krassus Second

Althing Closed.