Althing (2/10/24)

Althing 2/10/24

Open at 2:38

Old business:

Budget for MoC is $700
6 yes, 1 no, 0 abstain

New business:

Award recommendations need to be sent to Revna or Uhtred (if over 4th)
Dragon Master judges are needed
Feast and dining center are covered for Midreign
Midreign A&S classes are needed, contact Halfstar or Gisela
We will have a booth for crafters to sell their wares at MoC, if interested contact Edris for details


Kingdom Endreign: 2/24
EH Midreign: 3/23
Last day for GMR and PM intent: 2/24
MoC: 6/7-6/9

Closed at 2:42