Althing 3.13.2021

8:30pm Althing Open

Recap of Kingdom Althing: We legally cannot require people to mask up, or distance or sanitize. It is strongly recommended to still operate with sanitization measures. Evermore Hollow will be providing lysol, hand sanitizer, and implementing 10 minute breaks between games. These breaks will be long enough for everyone to hydrate, switch gear, and sanitize weaponry between games\ditches.

8:35 Donations of sanitizing supplies accepted for park, but not required for play. Populace is advised strongly not to share weapons. We will have a “Covid Alert” post pinned, with area resources linked to monitor case rates and danger level. If levels of cases are too high, monarchy will not host park for the day.

If case counts exceed safe levels, the Governor may require us to shut down again. Reminder to everyone to stay in accordance with Texas law and regulations during this time.

8:41 Proposal was brought up to Kingdom: Dues Paid for Life to be extended to compensate for unused time during shut down. Proposal extends date to May 13 2023. Vote to be held at next Kingdom Althing. See Kingdom Althing notes for all other proposal information.

Evermore Hollow will be temporarily moving to Hunsley Park (link will be posted in description).

Midreign will be held in person April 3rd, details TBA. Keep an eye on park page for Poll regarding food.

RC midreign at noon 3.14.2021

8:46pm Level tests and weapons checks will be mandatory. There will be a tape/string affixed to your weapon. If your weapon does not have Champion/GMR approved string, your weapon will not be allowed to play for the day.

8:49 Dove motion to close
Kamal Seconded

Althing Closed