Althing 4.10.2021


5:10pm Althing Open

No new business

Endreign 6/12/2021 In Canyon at Hunsley Details to come

RC Endreign 6/13/2021 in Amarillo

Kingdom Weaponmaster April 25th

Halfstar brings up NSO (New Student Orientation) at WTAMU (West Texas A&M University)
In the past we have hosted demos and recruited at this event.

Added to docket for May: If WT will let us, do we want to host a demo/recruit at WT. Volunteers will be needed.

No Weaponmaster this current reign. Amtgard was not active and prepared during the Corpora regulated time (2 weeks prior to midreign).

Crown intent schedule with intent requirements will be posted at the beginning of next month.

Remember that if you are dues paid, to check for emails from Kingdom for online vote.

2 important things being voted on:

Vote to Extend Dues Paid for Life to recoup what was lost during pandemic time.

Vote to remove verbiage regarding term limits for all other monarchy positions (excluding monarch).

Dove will double check with Ama-Con to see if they will be open this year.

5:13 Kamal motion to close. Zaros seconded

Althing Closed