Althing 5.08.2021

EH Althing 5.08.2021

3:01pm Althing Open

Old Business: WTAMU NSO

Do we want to reach out and try to host a demo or hand out flyers at WTAMU’s New Student Orientation? Would need a front-person and volunteers to participate in this event.


Y: 7

N: 0

AB: 1

Halfstar volunteers to lead communications with WT. There will be a post on Barony Facebook page.

3:05pm Dove has reached out to AMA-con, but no one has returned calls. The booth registration page on AMA-con’s website is not updated yet for 2021.

Sat May 15th Crown Election Day

Sat May 22nd Evermore Hollow Crown Tourney


  1. Single Short
  2. Open
  3. Spell Ball Surprise
  4. Archery Duel
  5. Off-hand Parry

Prize to be announced.

June 19th Endreign/Coronation and Cultural Showcase (FB Event Page to follow)

3:11pm Zaros motion to close Althing. Halfstar seconds.
Althing Closed