Althing 7.17.2021

Althing 7.17.2021

3:03 Althing Open

Old Business: AMACON 2021 - waiting on vendor information.

Funding pre-approved from populace for reimbursement of Venue funding (cole Community center)

Keep an eye on the horizon for Fundraising. Dove will be setting up a local team for sponsorship and prize support.

Kingdom Coronation is August 28th in Brownfield TX. Dame Callandra is getting belted under another Knights belt $15 for ages 14 and older, ages 13 and under are free. See event page for more information.

3:05 Issues have arisen with Kingdom vote (online)

Kingdom Champion candidates stand as follows: Sir Valance, Lord Nyrian, and Paddles.

Sir Nevon urges the populace to get to know the candidates, and ask questions.

There will also be a live stream of KCoM meeting on July 31st, keep an eye out for the link.

Kingdom Discord at 7pm July 19th to discuss KCoM proposals. Check kingdom page.

3:14 Evermore Hollow has its monthly Bardic scheduled for August 14th at 6pm. (Located at Hunsley Park) Snacks provided!

Don’t forget to sign up for the Bardic Competition at Evermore Hollow Midreign (Sept 11)

Anyone who enters will get a free feast, and a chance to win 5 years dues paid ($100 value) and the title of “The Hollow Bard”

Evermore Hollow Weaponmaster is July 24th. Online Sign ins open at noon, close at 1 and tourney begin at 1:30.


  1. Single short
  2. Flo (any combination of two weapons up to long sword)
  3. Great Weapon
  4. Open
  5. Offhand Parry

3:17 This is a great way to gain Orders of the Warrior! Come out and participate.

AMA-con 2021 will be on July 31st. Setup begins at 7am and event opens from 9am-1:30pm.

3:22 Per Monarchy: If you have an issue on field that goes beyond average combat play, please bring the issue to the disciplinary team. This consists of Monarch, Prime Minister, and Guildmaster of Reeves. Please see current monarchy post to locate members on Facebook if needed.

If you are uncomfortable reaching out to local monarchy, you can reach out to Kingdom level Monarchy.

The Champion is not part of the disciplinary team, so please reach out to those that can take action.



Evermore Hollow Midreign is Sept 11th at 12pm (noon) at Hunsley Hills park.

Games will run all day until 4:30 pm when the Feast hall (Cole Communty Center) will open for populace to decorate tables, and for the feast team to finalize prep.

Bardic competition will take place at Cole Community Center. Additional competitions include Best Table decor (for a chance to win table trophy) and MVP of the day!

Event concludes at 8pm

3:27 Nevon motion to close, Halfstar seconds.

Althing Closed.