Althing (7/2023)

Althing open at 1:33

Old business:
Flyers can be printed within the week.
Ivar is working on a recruitment drive with the flyers. Each person will have a stack of flyers with a number sequence, for each new player that comes out with a flyer with a number sequence a raffle will be entered for the person who handed the new player the flyer

New business:
Nala wants to pull out funds for the site for Midreign. We will wait for more information.

Tomorrow will be a work day for Mariposa, it will be 4 credits for two hours.
There will be two more work days in August.
Cottonwood is October 28.
Midreign is September 9.
RC will have their Midreign the same weekend.

Althing closed at 1:42