Althing 8.21.2021

Althing Minutes 8.21.2021

5:03 Althing Open

Old Business

New Business
Kingdom is Closed until Sept 16th and K-Monarchy will reassess covid rates at that time.
We may shut down for another thirty days. There will be new monarchy when this decision is made.

There is a new committee to create waivers for covid/other illnesses. This waiver will be brought up to the GP BoD for approval before it is proposed to the populace. This prevents people from holding Amtgard liable for diseases.

(at the kingdom althing) Queen Saffire mentioned that if we do reopen, we may adhere to the following guidelines:

If the positivity rate exceeds 10% : require temperature checks, limit bare contact, require distancing when not in combat.

If the positivity rate exceeds 15% : shut down the kingdom again

Nevon reiterates that Saffire stated that if your park is shut down, don’t travel. The chance of Covid spreading due to park visitation is high.

All updates regarding Covid shutdown are pending 30 days from Aug 16th, and after monarchy switch.

Nevon has volunteered for GP Bod president, and is working to reboot and structure bylaws while we are shut down.

Not happening in person. We will have an online Dragonmaster.
Sept 11th will have lots of awards, and a bardic competition. Prize for bardic competition is $100 value towards dues paid for 5years.

Other details pertaining to Midreign are TBA. There will be an updated event page. Keep an eye out for credit grabs.

Whacky Bats! may be making a comeback for saturday credits.

5:12 pm
CoM voted in a new knights belt. Knight of Battle. Battlemaster and order of Battle lead to this knights belt.

Given for strategy, good class portrayal. Class paragonhood leads to certain level of order of battle.

Great roleplay and knowing your class leads to paragonhood.

Scout has changed. Dispel is now charge x5.

Paladin and anti-paladin are now open to everyone. White/Black dragon required on garb or belt favor.

Armor changes. Please see kingdom for posts regarding COM changes.

Luna: Bardic- In light of covid, if we don’t get shut down long term, there will be a poll to determine if the populace wishes to have a bardic on october 9th. This depends on if Kingdom retains shutdown status after 30 day evaluation.

Luna has received the deposit, and will be returning it to Dove for coffers.

Nevon: If you do swing stick at the park, do not call it amtgard, and do not advertise amtgard. Credits will be online for online participation only. No credit will be given for in person play.

Revas: asks about arts & sciences.

Nevon: Information for a&s competitions will be posted soon. Check facebook for updates

5:23 Nevon motion to close
Luna Second. Althing Closed