Althing 9/10/22

Althing Notes. 09/10/22
Open at 3:53pm
Old Business
Joint event with Ravens Cross and to be held on September 24th & 25. The 24th will be Midreign and the Dragon Master. The 25th will be Ravens Cross’ tournament. There will be a post and event page up in a week.
New Business
Waylin Bluemoon moves for a vote of No Confidence to remove DoveBloodfist from the position of Monarch. Seconded by Halfstar.
Open Discussion
Corpora states that officers are allowed up to 4 weeks of consecutive absences, as of 09/10/22 it has now been 6 weeks. Dove has also refused to hand over PM paperwork and park funds, which are needed to complete the most current audit.
10 For 0 Against 0 Abstains
The vote of No Confidence has passed
Lonk has declined stepping up as Pro- tem Monarch
Open for Pro Tem Monarch
Vyse nominates Sir Kamal for Pro Tem Monarch
9 For 1 Against 0 Abstain
Lonk is stepping down as Regent
Luna nominates Waylin
Waylin accepts
8 For 2 Against 0 Abstain
Vyse recommends we remove Dove as our BOD Rep’ Seconded by Halfstar
9 For. 0 Against. 1 Abstain
Waylin nominates Vyse, Seconded by Morgan
8 For 1 Against 1 Abstain
Food Fight representative for Evermore Hollow is Ewok
Motion to close by Waylin
Seconded by Vyse