Althing 9/16/2023

Allthing Minutes 9/16/23

GMR Kamal opens 3:00

Old Business:

GMR KAMAL HAS THE FLYERS!!! PM Revna will keep them in PM Binder and upon request will grant 1 to players to be dispersed.

Artistic Flyers made by Nala will be given to the park at a later date.

New Business:

The last Day to place intent is November 4th!

Elections will be held 18th!

The total amount earned from Midreign at EH was $335 and $60 more was earned at RC. GMR Kamal will be delivering $137.50 to RC tomorrow and $197.50 will go into EH coffers.

Open discussion for joint Endreign with RC. We will vote on this matter next Allthing.

PM Revna calls for all of Evermore Hollow to reach out if there are ANY discrepancies with the ORK and the awards you were given. You must provide proof of the awards as they want all awards to be submitted properly into the ORK so you can be properly recognized for your hard work!


Kingdom Weaponmaster is 9/30

Cottonwood Faire is 10/28

Kingdom Midreign is 11/11

EH Endreign is 12/2

PM Revna motions to close

Seconded by Morgan

Allthing Closes at 3:11