Althing Minutes (3/2023)

Althing Minutes from 3/11/23

Althing open at 1:47 PM

Old Business

Reelected Edris for PM and Waylin for GMR

Ivar will be getting new flyers in two weeks

Midreign Feast and Court will be at Pecos Room (The Depot Office) we will be having a table decoration competition bonus points if your table has elements of our theme

Park day will be held at Conner Park on March 25th

New Business

Emerald has designed business cards with a QR code for EH & RC

$35 to go toward 200+ business cards (will be voted on next Allthing)

YC3 April 21-23, we will need volunteers!

Dragonmaster judges are still needed!

5 items max can be submitted into Dragonmaster per person, each item will be judged separately, no averages!

RSVP if you plan on attending Midreign!

Gate costs 14 & up- $20, 6-13- $10, & 5 & under are free! All gate entries include drink pass!

Feast menu and itinerary are posted (Feast begins at 5:30) see event page for more details!


ANS craft night at (Canyon Library) $50 dollar deposit that rolls over for every booking available slots are Wednesday and Friday evenings

Maker’s space at Amarillo Library is free

RC Midreign March 19th

Closed at 2:15 PM