Arid Sun Coronation 10/2/22

Court open at 3:24pm
Awards given by Tez:
Lightfoot 1st & 2nd Owl
Wiley 1st Warrior
Iggy Jurassic Hunter
Jenerick Stoneslayer
RedBeard godslayer
Dribbles Iceblade 1st & 2nd warrior 1st order of the dead
K’Nar Waverbane
Raegar 1st order of battle ceaseless hunger 1st lion

23rd of October Weapon master Iron gate
Crown tournament October 8th
Coronation October 22nd $5 fee
Skywatch October 23rd mid reign
Moonlight meadow midreign and tournament 29th October
November 5th midreien for kingdom

Motion to close court by Raegar second by onyx
Court ends 3:54 pm

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