Awards list 1.19 - 6.19

Awards list

1.26.19 Midreign

Relic, 1st and 2nd Warriors and title, The Altruist.

Dove, 2nd Warrior

Malen, 2nd Warrior

TB, 2nd Warrior

Val, 3rd Warrior

Ivar, 3rd Warrior

Decidio, 1st and 2nd owl

Jeddak, 3rd Mask

Asta, Jovious

Mutt, 1st and 2nd Rose

4.27.19 Coronation

Cynathia, 1st rose, 1st owl, 1st Garber and 1st warrior

Asta, 1st rose and 1st Garber

Mutt, 3rd and 4th Rose