Court/Althing 10/2/22

Court beings at 3:24 pm
Tezzeret awards:
Skri with his 2nd warrior and 1st crown
Lightfoot with his 1st and 2nd owl
Wiley with his first warrior
You with his 1st warrior
Iggy is awarded jurassic hunter
Generic is awarded stoneslayer
Starchild is awarded Stonegaze
Redbeard awarded Godslayer
Dribbles is awarded iceblade and his 1st and 2nd warrior and 1st order of the dead.
Mika is awarded her 1st lion and warrior
K’Nar is awarded the title of waverbane
Onyx is awarded 1st rose
Raegar is awarded 1st order of battle and 1st lion

Raegar is handed the crown of Sheriff
Raegar awards:
Skri 1st Crown and rose
Mika 1st warrior, crown, and battle
Onyx 1st warrior
Pho Q 1st rose and warrior

23rd of October weapon master/althing
Irongate crown tournament 8th of October
Skywatch midreien October 23rd
moonligght meadows midreien/tournament 29th of October
November 5th kingdom mid reign.
Onyx motion to close Althing, second tezzeret
Closes 3:54pm

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