Court/Althing 3/26/23

Court opens at 4:46 pm

Raegar presents the following awards:
Iora Ironbrod 1st Griffin, 1st Warrior, 1st Rose
Kira Stomrflower 1st Rose
Mika Ironbrod 2nd Crown
Onyx Stormflower 2nd Crown
Theo Wrinkleton 1st Warrior, 1st Battle

Althing starts @ 4:56pm
Theme of new reign is Enchanted Forrest

New Business:
voting for Biweekly park days and promoting
looking for sponsor for events
vote for park start time to move to 1pm
discussions will be posted on Facebook
ballots will be printed.

$5 hotdogs no change
Skywatch mid reign in April
Kingdom event in September: bardic and stores

Motion to close Mika second Pho Q
closed @5:04pm