EH Althing 6-23-18

Althing called by Lord Indanago on 6-23-18 @ 6:14p
New Business:
• PM Election: new PM to be elected since no one has placed intent the althing was opened to volunteers squire Ryuu Volunteered for PM Vote was placed with no other intents
o For 5
o Against 0
o Abstain 1
 Squire Ryuu is PM for EH for the next 6 months
Upcoming Events
 Amacon coming up August 4th and 5th more details to come when they are available
 Hub city in Lubbock August 24th and 25th Amtgard will have a presence here and is being assisted with by Jaracyn
 Gathering of the Clans July 18th through 22nd
 Kingdom coronation august 18th

Next althing scheduled for July 28th: things that are being added to the docket to be discussed at this althing are as follows
 Cole Community center being used for end-reign
 September food fight rep volunteer to represent EH
Althing closed by Lord Indanago and seconded by Regent Waylin Bluemoon at 6:22p