EH's Allthing minutes 10/8/22

All Thing minutes for 8/8/22

We open at 2:54 PM

Old Business

-We have retrieved the records!!!

-Funds for Raven’s Cross have been given to back to the park!

-We completed the audit!!!

New Business

-Kingdom Midreign will be November 5th! See the event page for details

-December 3rd we will hold a Crown Tourney and this will also be the last day for intent to run

-Coronation and Showcase will be held on December 17th at joint Endreign with Raven’s Cross and Evermore Hollow

-Event site and menu for Endreign is TBD

-Any who show up on December 17th will receive 4 credits for the day

Motion to close by Waylin Bluemoon

Nala seconded

Closed at 3:03 PM

The date should read 10/8/22