Guildmaster Althing 4.6.19

4.6.19 Guildmaster Althing

5:59 Althing Opened

Need to hold guildmaster vote for each class

Archer: Nominate Anubis

For: 10

Against: 1



For Krassus: 5

For Indy: 6

Anubis: 1

2 Abstain


Sev 6

Grin 3

3 abstain


Waylin 4

Vyse 8

Abstain 4


Indy 4

Kamal 7

Abstain 4


Kamal Nominated

No contest


Dove Nominated

No contest


Kamal Nominated

No Contest


Waylin 8

Kamal 5

Abstain 2


Indy 6

Grin 4

Kamal 3

2 Abstain


Anubis 9

Kamal 6


Anubis 4

Kamal 7

Abstain 2

Guildmasters as follows for duration of Spring 2019 Reign are as follows:

ARcher Anubis

Assassin Indy

Barbarian Sev

Monk Vyse

Scout Kamal

Warrior Kamal

Bard Dove

Healer Waylin

Wizard Indy

Anti Paladin Anubis

Paladin Kamal

6.12 Any old business?

Any new business?

Couple came by the park with flyer regarding missing dog. See Sev following Althing for info on flyler.

Meliodas steps forward from Irongate

Quals tomorrow 4.7.19 Sign in 12-12:30

Tourney sign in ends at 1pm @ Ribble park in lubbock.

Con inormation

YC3 is Mothers Day Weekend may 10-12th

Needing Monster Garb for monster chase on saturday at the con. If volunteering please seek out information post on GP TRI Facebook page.

Volunteers to boffer pit must show up in garb in order to volunteer. No jeans/mundane wear.

Kamal donates mask for monster garb.

Amtgard events on con schedule, seek facebook posts for more information.

6.17 June 7-9th Midreign Themed “Escape Hellheim” is camping event @ Lake McClellen $10/night per tent site (multiple tents permitted per site) Hookups $15/night, Day Pass $3/day

Feast/midreign Saturday Night $5 Feast Fee

Bonfire and Bardic planned. Wet Event.

Night battles to come, ample lighting at location.

Possible potluck Friday night for those camping early, hope to depart at the latest 11A on Sunday the 9th.

Check Event page for more details.

6.21 Waylin brings up Clan July 17-21

Hosted by Burning Lands

Amtgard leadership university opportunities, Check it out.

6:23 Krassus motion to close althing

Nala second.

Althing Closed.